A Rainy Amsterdam Maternity Shoot

October 10, 2020

Kirsten and Russell were due to move back to South Africa, but they were also expecting a new family member and really wanted to have the special life event captured in the city they had called home for the past years, Amsterdam.

We had fixed on a date, as this was the only time they still had available. The weather was not looking promising during the week leading up to the planned shoot. The morning of it was still overcast, grey and wet. But these two were determined to get their pictures taken.

It was pouring down, so we started out at their home. It seemed like there was an opening, so we headed down to the park. It started raining again, but we still wanted some pictures in the canals. We cycled to the canal ring, but it was cold and wet. We were standing under some scaffolding, contemplating whether we should just give up.

But Kirsten and Russell were real champs. They took out their umbrellas and braved the rain. And were they rewarded. We got some nice moody pictures with the umbrellas, but then at the very last canal bridge, the sun started creeping through and with the little droplets of rain, it created the most spectacular image.


Kind Words


Jacqi went above and beyond. The day before the shoot Jacqi went out looking for picture perfect spots and wow did she find them.

Although the weather did not play in our favor, Jacqi showed up very excited and eager to take on the weather and get her creativity flowing and always motivated us to keep on trying even if there seemed to be no hope. Thank goodness we listened to her as we got a small 5-10 minutes of clear skies where she took the most picturesque photos. The photos really do speak for themselves and just shows how talented and amazing she is.

Thank you Jacqi for going on the little adventure with us, cycling in the rain and creating magical photos that we get to share with our baby boy one day.

Forever grateful and highly recommended."

Kristen and Russell