Autumn Couple Shoot in Amsterdam

October 18, 2020

During my first year of living in the Netherlands, I noticed that people here really love rainbows. They are amazed by it. And I couldn’t understand why. I mean, it practically rains here everyday, you should see rainbows all the time, right? Where I come from, you are almost guaranteed a rainbow whenever there is rain. Well, like 60% of the time, enough for you to associate the two with one another. But a rainbow requires two things, the coming together of two elements. Rain and sun. And more specifically cloudless sun. There it is. Clouds. The Netherlands very rarely has clear skies. So fair enough, seeing a rainbow is pretty special.

And on this particular autumn afternoon in Amsterdam, the heavens did bless us with a lovely rainbow. We were having so much fun frolicking amongst the leaves and cycling to all the best spot across the city that I almost didn’t notice the lucky shot of the rainbow in the background. But it makes sense, this couple is one of the friendliest I know, and they deserve a rainbow and a rainbow shot.