Questions and answers

Do you travel? Say for a destination wedding?


I sure do! I love traveling and I would definitely be open to travel to your wedding or any other occasion in order to capture it. The exact location would affect the cost of my services. But get in touch, so that we can discuss your needs and wants; and I can provide you with an appropriate quote.

Do you use our images on social media?


Yes, I make use of my images on all my social media platforms and on my website. I do however only make use of them after I've delivered them to you. If you prefer that I not use any of your images, then I charge a privacy fee of € 125 per shoot.

This doesn't apply to any images that contain a child of age 7 or under. Images like these, I would not share in any form.

Can I receive your RAW images?


Sorry, but that's a no. It's an unfinished product. It's like going to the bakery and the baker giving you the dough instead of the freshly baked bread.

Does your cost include traveling?


If the location we are shooting at is within Amsterdam or within Brussels, then traveling costs are included. Any shoot that does not take place within either of those areas, will require an additional cost.

Questions and answers

What if it rains?


If it rains, we take umbrellas! They are a great prop to incorporate in your photos. I understand that for wedding or maternity shoots, there is not the option to reschedule, so I bring my raincoat and protection for my gear and we will stil get amazing images.

For more flexible shoots though, I prefer not to shoot in heavy rain as it can be cold and uncomfortable. I want you to be comfortable. So in the week leading up to your shoot, I check the weather predictions and try to co-ordinate the exact timing based on that. If we can't make it work on your scheduled date, then we can reschedule to a date that suites both.

What if you get sick?


For flexible shoots, I will reach out to you as soon as possible and try to reschedule to a suitable date. If this is on your wedding day, I have a number of photographer friends that I can reach out to to cover me on that day. I will therefore try my utmost best to ensure your special day is captured.

What should we wear to our shoot?


The key here is to keep it neutral. You don't want anything that attracts attention away from you. So stay away from crazy patterns, neon bright colours and branded clothing.

Would you like more details? As soon as you book a shoot with me, I'll send over my "What-to-Wear" Guide, which is full of tips, tricks and examples so you are well dressed and well prepared for your shoot.

When do you prefer to shoot?


If we are shooting indoors, I want to shoot during the brighest parts of the day. Anything between 10:00 and 16:00 depending on the season.

If we are shooting outside, then I want to shoot one-to-two hours after sunrise or before sunset. Why is that? Because that is when we have golden hour, the best part of the day for any photographer, wehn you have the perfect lighting conditions to take the most beautiful pictures.