A Wintery Engagement Shoot in Amsterdam

January 28, 2022

Amsterdam in winter. Now you would think that a very sad sight indeed. The bare branches on the trees, the never ending days of rain and grey skies, the darkness, the short days. The list goes on and on. You might be lucky for a week of utter cold, where the canals might freeze over and you get to experience the thrill of skating on the ice. Or when the canals have a blanket of white covering them as the snow had falled softly the night before. It truly is a picturesque sight of the romantic sort. But it rarely last more than a day and the magic that was before is quickly forgotten as you try to navigate the disgusting grey sludge.

So yes, except for the sort bursts of magic, Amsterdam in winter is mainly grey and sad. And somehow it is a time that makes the most amazing photos. I think it must be the grey background that makes my subject stand out so much more, because whenever I would do a shoot of any kind, be it couples, engagement or maternity, I am always in love with the results.

And the engagement shoot of Claire and Florian in a wintery Amsterdam was no different. Florian being Dutch and Claire being American, their wedding to take place in the States, it seemed fitting that there enagagement pictures be amongst the canals and streets of the Dutch capital. Well, one of them at least.