A Surprise Engagement in the Rijksmuseum

August 22, 2022

Lambre reached out to me via a friend somewhere in the summer of 2022, explaining that his girlfriend was working in Europe and they were planning a trip to Amsterdam and that he wanted to propose during this time. Not anywhere in Amsterdam, but in the Rijksmuseum, of all places.

I was sceptical at first. How was he planning to do it? It’s not like you can rent out the Gallery of Fame for an evening. How do you get to an impressive corner but keep it personal? And how was I going to capture it without looking painstakingly obvious?

Eventually, with a lot of communication and collaboration from the staff, we had devised a plan. Lambre would take Kirsten to the museum in the afternoon and they would steer clear of the “Nachtwacht” right to the very end, just before closing time. As all the other guests make their way to the exits, Lambre would douwdle just a little. Meanwhile I would have taken the staff elevator to the Hall of Fame, waiting patiently and out of sight behind a pillar. And as they announce a final call for all guests to leave the museum, Lambre would get on one knee.

And so he did, and Kirsten said yes!