Rainy Maternity shoot along the iconic Brouwersgracht

January 28, 2023

As a photographer, it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to capture a beautiful maternity shoot on the streets and canals of Amsterdam, especially on a rainy day in January. I was excited to take on the challenge; the rain added an element of moodiness and the diffused light made for some stunning shots.

The shoot took place around the Brouwersgracht, an idyllic canal lined with quaint houses and charming cafes. The pregnant mama-to-be was a natural in front of the camera and the rain only added to her stunning glow. We took advantage of every nook and cranny, using an umbrella to keep away most of the droplets. Sometimes an unbrella is also a great prop to incorporate into your shoot.

I love photoshoots like these: full of spontaneity and genuine emotion. The weather may have been unpredictable, but it allowed us to capture something uniquely beautiful. I was honored to be a part of this special moment in their lives and to document the love and joy of a growing family in the heart of one of the most stunning cities in the world.