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This journey can be daunting and sometimes frustrating, I know.

That's why I'm here to help.

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Our brain functions better, it remembers better when there is a clear story. The familiar begin-middle-end kind of story. It's just how we are wired.

Visual story-telling can be done through a single picture or through a series of pictures. On your wedding day, it's my goal to capture just that. All of that. The beginning, the middle, the big, the small, the in-between, and finally the happy end.

During your wedding day, I take a documentary styled approach to capturing images. You just focus on living your best day and I'll be there in the background, capturing all of it. Telling your story.

If I see there's a need to give some direction, then I'll step up and do that, but generally I prefer to capture the real emotions, the authentic selfs and the timeless moments.


Maybe the word is starting to be overused.

Or maybe it's because it's such a critical part of our human nature.


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The Process

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Oh, boy. What a question?

I love traveling.

I enjoy discovering new places, getting to know different cultures and broadening horizons.

I've done quite a bit of traveling myself, however nowadays I try to limit my environmental impact by traveling more sustainably.

Whether your planning to elope on a mountainside or to take your entire family to a remote island, I can and will be there.

So if your serious about that destination wedding, do get in touch and we can talk more about the details.

How do you feel about


destination weddings

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Basic Package

The starters package is for covering the basics. The bare minimum. Let me capture the most important part of your wedding day.

If you think this is a good fit and would like to talk in more detail about you needs and you budget, then hit that contact button and I'll send you a link to my full wedding brochure.


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Additional Services



Whether you want time to practice in front of the camera or you need some additional pictures for your wedding invites, I'm your gal.

Who needs an excuse, celebrating your love story by capturing timeless pictures is always a good idea.

Starting at:

Starting at:

€ 245

€ 245

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Kind Words

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"Exactly six months have passed since our hot, sunny wedding day. Thanks to Jacqui's images we're still discovering new aspects of it, memories we didn't know we had: little details of ourselves, precious little moments that were happening on the day. Jacqui has an instinct and a very sharp eye for these little moments. There were more of them than we were aware of. Jacqui is a storyteller. Our day was a story, we see that now, and she captured it in vivid detail. One more thing: apart from her skills she's just great company, a wonderful person to hang out with. Jacqui herself has become a part of our story we will cherish forever and it's fantastic to relive our day through her eyes."

Janneke & Menno

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